Modern products designed and influenced by the Japanese-American experience.

Created for Everyone.

I wanted this to be completely authentic to my experience as a Japanese American. I was born of Japanese heritage, but fully American. In the same vein, all of our original garments are crafted from sourced Japanese fabric and materials, while made in the USA.

Craft & Quality

Our products are designed and crafted for supreme quality. They are often influenced by the Japanese-American experience, resulting in an aesthetic of intense focus + minimalism crossed with modern streetwear. The fabrics we source from Japan are cut and dyed in an old world style that produces superb quality. Wearing these original styles is exactly what it should be—cultural appreciation for something birthed from the union of two distinct worlds.

We made it in America.

This has two meanings. All our original garments are made in the USA, in Oakland, CA. We’re based in the bay area and it was important for us to have manufacturing and production be as well. Second and more literally, we can all trace back (at some point in time) this central idea. This is what your ancestors proudly scribbled on letters back to their families. “We made it in America.” Plus, it’s a sneak Throne / Frank Ocean reference. I suppose that’s three meanings.

Ethics & Sustainability

We only work directly with small production manufacturers to guarantee fair pay and safe working conditions. We also support small businesses in San Jose and Los Angeles to source our materials. From the stitching to the tags, each garment has been designed for you in a sustainable way. Our garments are made to be worth an appearance in your closet.