Inspired and Designed by Asian Americans. Created for Everyone.

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"Akashi-Kama" is not intended for literal translation.

  • Craft & Quality

    Our products are designed and crafted for supreme quality. They are often influenced by the Nikkei-jin or wider Asian American experience, resulting in an aesthetic of focus and minimalism crossed with modern streetwear. The materials and fabrics we source come from all over the world, and result in superb quality garments. Wearing these original styles is exactly what it should be— appreciation for multiple cultures coming together over time.

  • Ethics & Sustainability

    We belive ethics and sustainability can come together to create high quality products, and we work directly with production manufacturers that offer fair pay and safe working conditions. Our garments are created in limited runs to help us avoid overproduction. This is why you hardly see our items go on sale, but we can also promise we will never destroy any leftover inventory the way other brands do. We use organic fabrics whenever possible, and often reuse leftover fabric in our designs. We know ethics and sustainability is never "done".

"We Made It In America."

What our ancestors proudly scribbled on letters back to their families— “...we made it in America.” When we first started, our original garments were designed and produced only in the California. In order to make quality products at reasonable prices, and in the best regions for their specaility, we sometimes utilize factories and makers that we can trust abroad. As our brand and product offerings have grown, we've expanded to creating all over the world, from the USA and Portugal, to China and Japan.

(Plus, "We Made It In America" is a sneak Watch The Throne / Frank Ocean reference.)