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7 Ways To Wear A Noragi

Alec N

How To Wear a Noragi Jacket

Check out 7 of our favorite ways to style our AKASHI-KAMA Modern Noragi. This light jacket is influenced by a Japanese workwear silhouette. Noragis are traditionally worn by men, but our Noragis can be worn by anyone. We think our Noragi is versatile enough to complete a streetwear look or as your jacket to a formal event. With so many options, we barely narrowed it down to 7.

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Pair With Lightwash Denim 

Nothing says summer like a white tee and distressed lightwash jeans. Our Noragi is made from Japanese double gauze cotton making it perfect as a light jacket for your summer uniform.

Dress It Down

Designed to flexibly be worn as a streetwear piece, adding your favorite pair of kicks (no sketchers allowed) with your AKASHI-KAMA noragi over a plain black or white tee is a classic way to style any colorway of our modern noragi.

As A Layering Piece

All of AKASHI-KAMA’s noragis are made with unique & high quality fabrics from Japan making it the perfect piece to use as a subtle detail under a thicker jacket. Our Noragi gold ends (whether tied or left hanging) look great with techwear styled pockets and northface jackets alike.

Dress It Up

Pairing a Noragi with more formalwear like a button-down or a tie gives it a whole new aesthetic. Fold over the collar for some extra collar room and pair it with a mock neck for a true flex. Red wine optional.

Add Accessories

Add a wide brim hat for a more urban look or keep it streetwear with a dad hat. Or skip the hats all together and cuff the sleeves with some arm candy. Or do both.


All Black Everything 

Go no color and keep everything muted. Black Common Projects hit with the minimal look and premium materials. We’re drooling over Japanese cotton with Italian leather.

Also, who remembers this Lupe song?

Pair With $5,600 Shoes

This photo was sent in by a customer. Yes those are the Nike SB Tokyos, and yes this is a weird flex; but we’re here for it.

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